About Us

Kingdom Coffee started as an initiative to give back strategically through organizations fighting against human trafficking and providing a future for the victims being exploited. Our heart is to list only the best coffee companies in efforts to provide only the top of the line products for our customers. By partnering with Kingdom Coffee your coffee becomes part of a greater calling to eliminate human trafficking in East Africa.

This effort has been made possible by Pioneer 61 Coffee based out of Zimbabwe, Africa. The master roaster for Pioneer 61 Coffee has over 40 years experience in the coffee industry with on 20 years in specialty coffee. A member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and column patron of the Specialty Coffee Institute (SCI). The origin of this blend is the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, Africa. The high mountain peaks and cool climates make for the ideal growing conditions for a perfect Arabica coffee. As a premier company of the network Kingdom Coffee is creating, Pioneer 61 is unique in the fact that all profit generated goes solely to the work in East Africa.

When you list your product on our site we recieve 5% of the purchase price and the rest goes straight to you. We have a team of dedicated internet marketers, writers, and coffee enthusiasts that would love the opportunity to help get your brand out to the Kingdom of Coffee. Our network is comprised of 100s of sites, search queries, and artisan roasters that genuinely puts you in front of the audience who purchase coffee online.